Eliminating MYTHS of doing MBA

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It has been categorically stated that there are flipsides/downsides to even the most amazing ideas/beliefs in the world. Honestly, one can’t escape from this universally acknowledged reality/bitter truth.

An MBA  degree/CAT exams in no exception and hardly escapes the above truth.

It goes without saying that earning an MBA degree is the most prolific step taken by a student who wishes to progress by leaps and bounds in his career.  But yes, it does carry the baggage of some fallacies/misconceptions/myths/confusing beliefs which ought to be addressed properly to get the right perspective.

MYTH 1   CAT is designed and mostly embraced by IITs and engineers.

Many people believe that engineers are preferred in CAT and it is designed to eliminate non-engineers. In fact, English is found to be more dicey and difficult than the quant section. Any aspirant can crack it without any specific educational background. THE QA section is based on the mathematics of class 6th and 10th which is commonplace.

MYTH  2  CAT  is tilted towards male aspirants than female students.

It is believed that female students find the QA section tough to understand and crack.

This doesn’t hold true too. CAT is not gendered diversified. Maths has nothing to do with it. Surprisingly, female students have succeeded with flying colors even scoring 100 percentile in the QA section.

MYTH  3  Work experience enjoys considerable weight.

YES and NO. IT can't be denied that work experience is the icing on the cake and helps to boost the overall selection process. But it should be noted that preparing CAT with a job makes it difficult to prepare for CAT with targets, tensions, deadlines and sweat that goes with the overall preparation. That way students without a job enjoy the leverage with no pressure.

MYTH 4  Candidates with master proficiency in English have an edge over Hindi speaking aspirants.

This is a baseless belief. CAT is more about self-confidence and will power required to crack it. Strong command over any language and a lust to learn another one is sufficient to get set go for CAT.

MYTH 5  Facing high Fees issue

It could be a constraint for many candidates considering the fact that an MBA degree cant is earned for peanuts. But considering the fact that what the degree can do wonders in your career is an understatement. An MBA degree can fetch you infinite opportunities and possibilities for your career path. It is a terrific opportunity where the ROI (returns on investment) can be enormous which you can't even think of.

The most important aspect to be kept in mind is that the CAT is not about only seeking knowledge. IT is built in. It is all about the application and perfection of skill and aptitude. Persistency is the word. Make no mistake, no exam is a cakewalk. A lot of toil and effort, sweat and hard work go with it. No one can fluke it.

Originality is the name of the game. Every aspirant thinking process is different. No exam can be cleared with super success purely based on borrowed conviction(copy and paste culture) No subject can be taken as a pinch of salt. The game plan should be practice, practice, and practice. It is the real game-changer.




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