Sequential Output Questions and Concepts for CAT and Other MBA Exam Preparation

Fri Sep 18, 2020

Sequential Output Questions and Concepts for CAT and Other MBA Exam Preparation

Sequential output is essentially output of a machine which is chipping away at a fixed grouping. We start with an info and following a fixed pattern or arrangement machine gives us the last output. In these sort of inquiries, we see that information output measure in various advances and attempt to discover the pattern and grouping on which the machine is working.

Significance from exam point of view – These inquiries looks hazardous yet really these are scoring inquiries in exams, it doesn't take a lot of time in explaining.

Pattern of inquiries In all kind of inquiries, there is a grouping given however some of the time plan of just words is given, now and again just numbers are given, some of the time numbers and words both are given, now and then symbols likewise utilized with words and numbers.

Example of Sequential Output Question

1. In a word arrangement machine when input is given it gives an output following a sequence in steps which are given as below-

Input: Home Review Insert Paste Layout

Step I: Review Home Insert Paste Layout

Step II: Review Paste Home Insert Layout

Step III: Review Paste Layout Home Insert

Step IV: Review Paste Layout Insert Home

This is the arrangement and step IV is final step.

How to approach Sequential Output Questions (Basic Method)

Most importantly, we need to distinguish the pattern finished by machines the means given. It is exceptionally simple simply take a gander at the info and initial step, at that point legitimately see last advance given. You will effectively ready to discover the pattern. Normal patterns are alphabetically arrangement of words or Increasing and diminishing request of numbers and so on.

In the wake of finding the pattern simply compose the means just whenever required no compelling reason to compose all means, first experience the question and afterward choose if it is smarter to right all means or simply go for the inquiry legitimately. Try not to compose words in full structure compose their first letter just or any short structure by which you can see without any problem. You can give the numbers likewise as indicated by their position.

Typically the inquiry posed resembles locate the fourth step or the number of steps needed to finish the arrangement or what will be the output or what is the info and so on.

Subsequent to finding the pattern you can undoubtedly compose the necessary advances and output.

Note – You cannot find the input from the output given because input can be in any order and output will be in arranged order so without knowing about each steps we cannot find the input. Sometimes it is asked only for creating confusion in mind.

Example – A word arrangement input and output for a machine is given below-

Input: 74 Font 34 Board 46 Cut 85 Snow

Step I: 85 74 Font 34 Board 46 Cut Snow

Step 2: 85 Snow 74 Font 34 Board 46 Cut

Step 3: 85 Snow 74 Font 46 34 Board Cut

Step 4: 85 Snow 74 Font 46 Cut 34 Board

This is the final arrangement and 4 is final step.

Q1. How many steps will be required to complete the arrangement for input given below?
Input – 89 Exam 45 Notes 53 Pen 98 Copy
Q2. What will be the input of following output?
Output – 75 Word 64 Noise 52 Mails 32 Body
Q3. What will be the third step of given input?
Input – 65 Link 86 Shop 46 Bank 23 Coal

EXPLAINATION:- These type of questions asked so we’ll try to understand it.

1- First we have to identify the pattern followed. For this we have to observe the first and last step of the arrangement. Clearly we can find that numbers are arranged in decreasing order and words are arranged in opposite order as in dictionary. Both numbers and words are arranged alternatively starting from number first.

Now for Q1 we have to find total number of steps so instead of writing all steps properly we can directly write (input: – 89 Exam 45 Notes 53 Pen 98 Copy) like;

Step 1 – 9 8 E 4 N 5 P C

Step 2 – 9 P 8 E 4 N 5 C

Step 3 – 9 P 8 N E 4 5 C

Step 4 – 9 P 8 N 5 E 4 C

So step 4 is the final step of this arrangement so total number of steps required = 4

For Q2 What will be the input of following output?

Here we can directly say that can’t be determined because we can find the arranged order not the distracted order without any other information. If these type of questions asked in exam then you can directly say cannot be determined.

For Q3 we have to find 3rd step of given input. We can write steps in short form for this also or we can directly write third step but for direct writing we have to keep in mind that what changes happening in 2 steps.

Input: 65 Link 86 Shop 46 Bank 23 Coal

Step 1 – 8 6 L S 4 B 2 C

Step 2 – 8 S 6 L 4 B 2 C

Step 3 – 8 S 6 L 4 C B 2

Thus this is the basic procedure how we can solve these type of questions.

There are some types of questions we can categories them into different categories where pattern are in these forms like-

1. Arranged in order

2. Interchanged positions

3. Mathematically operated

1. Arranged in order: In these type of questions words are arranged in alphabetical order and numbers are arranged in increasing or decreasing number. Words and numbers both can also be arranged together in one step. Arrangement can start from left to right or right to left also.


Input: 75 Front 24 Broad 56 Cut 95 Show

Step I: 95 75 Front 24 Broad 56 Cut Show

Step 2: 95 Show 75 Front 24 Broad 56 Cut

Step 3: 95 Show 75 Front 56 24 Broad Cut

In this example arrangement is from left to right and numbers and words are arranged alternatively in decreasing and opposite to English dictionary.

2. Interchanged positions: In these type of questions positions of one word is replaced with other word and positions of remaining words remains same.


Input: 101 Rohit 20 Nikhil 46 Amit 75 Gaurav

Step1: 20 Rohit 101 Nikhil 46 Amit 75 Gaurav

Step2: 20 Amit 101 Nikhil 46 Rohit 75 Gaurav

Step3: 20 Amit 46 Nikhil 101 Rohit 75 Gaurav

Step4: 20 Amit 46 Gaurav 101 Rohit 75 Nikhil

In this example both words are arranged in an order by interchanging the positions.

3. Mathematically operated: In these type of questions some mathematical operation like adition, square etc. are performed in each step of arrangement.

Example –

Input: 15 45 36 47 58 46

Step 1: 10 45 36 47 58 46

Step 2: 10 40 36 47 58 46

Step 3: 10 40 30 47 58 46

In this arrangement unit digit is subtracted from digits in each step.

Tips to remember:

1. Number of steps required to complete the pattern can be (n-1) at most where n is number of words/digits.

2. Previous step or input cannot be find from the step/output.

3. Always try to write steps in short form.

4. When we arranged words/digits some words are automatically arranged so do not get confused with them and don’t count that like a new step and focus on the pattern. For avoiding these situations do not assign numbers like 1,2,3,4 to words/digits (use first letter or any short form).

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