Eliminating MYTHS of doing MBA

access_time 2020-01-03T14:25:32.651Z face Anand Potdar
ELIMINATING MYTHS OF DOING MBA/CAT EXAM It has been categorically stated that there are flipsides/downsides to even the most amazing ideas/beliefs in the world. Honestly, one can’t escape from this universally acknowledged reality/bitter truth. An MBA degree/CAT exams in no exception and hardly esca...

Frequently Asked Questions for CAT

access_time 2019-01-29T06:38:56.749Z face Jitesh Gupta
FAQs I am not an Engineer. Will I still be able to crack CAT 2019? Yes, you most certainly stand an equal chance as anyone else to crack CAT. CAT is an exam which is increasingly being designed to cater to non-engineers as well. While it is true that Engineers may have an additional advantage in dea...
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